Being wealthy and beautiful doesn’t promise an automatic ticket for happiness. Sometimes you need the angelic touch of someone who needs you as much as you need him… Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one set of wings ends and the other begins.

Claire is alluring, sensual – called an angel by some, though the woman she’s become is anything but celestial. Her heart is filled with pain so deeply embedded she doesn’t want to live any longer…until fate puts her into the hands of the most virtuous man she’s ever met; a man who needs someone like Claire to help him piece together the shattered bits of his own life.

From the author of the children's book How Sadie Learned To SMILE and co-author of Time Out On A Roller Coaster comes a new collection: Becoming... 20 short stories exploring pivotal times and journeys in our lives. Walk with Darcy Adams in "A Ready Heart" as her heart accepts that God has a way of taking the bad in our lives and allowing us to use it to do good; get warmed by the dawning in "A Light That Shines In Winter" as Angelina realizes the good her husband has done will always shine even in the cold darkness of winter. Experience the humorous transformation to "A Woman Of A Certain Age"; believe with the unnamed heroine in "Twenty-one Days Of Believing" when all others have given up hope; eat "Dark Chocolate" with Tamra Collins as she finds love at a most unexpected time; watch the wounds of betrayal heal in "Unwanted"; and many, many more in Becoming... a heartwarming, blossoming color march through life.

Time Out On A Roller Coaster is a collection of 23 short stories to help you disengage from the real world and into another place and time. Inside you'll find short runs, and long tracks, ups, downs and all arounds from the collaborative writings of Patrick Sipperly & Linda Boulanger. Enjoy stories of romance, suspense, faith, and a few laughs along the way!

Whether you want to go back in time with Claire to right a wrong in The Knot Hole Truth, Eat Pistachio ice cream without nuts and find treasure with Martin in The Whole Field, or experience the innocent pleasure of sharing a delicious chocolate kiss with Catherine and Michael in Chocolate Kisses, let Time Out On A Roller Coaster take you around the track to another place and time.

Experience the heartwarming realizations brought to light in Position Available. Follow the unfolding of truth in Grace’s Return. Delight in the unusual circumstances experienced by the adult Daniel with his imaginary companion, Andrea, in Perfect. Time Out On A Roller Coaster has something for everyone who enjoys good short stories. Climb on board….share the fun without the nausea.

Get ready as the spunky, twenty-something Cari throws star pitcher Ben Darvis a curve ball when she shows up with a baby three and a half months after they’d spent a night together that Ben could only describe as heaven. Head back in time and feel the angst when Elenya first realizes what the warrior searching for her did not – that she’d been marked with the blood of her enemy and would be forced to dance forever in his arms. Hold out for that moment of hope when Laken realizes an angel has come to rescue her from a car wreck, even if she’s unsure there’s anything anyone can do to fix the mess her life has become.

Walk with an unnamed young woman whose momentary lapse in judgment has changed her life forever. Still, she’d give anything to feel again the way he’d made her feel -- a realization that fills her with shame. Listen in as executive fast tracker Emma Westcott makes the call when she decides she’s tired of being ignored by her fiancé and needs someone to talk with. Then step into the life of another Emma and find out if Dr. Sam Walsh can give her a reason to wake up from a car accident after she seems to have lost everything.

Experience their stories and more as you venture into the happily-ever-after world of Linda Boulanger’s imagination with this collection of fifteen love stories. Remember that moment when you felt his heart beat next to yours and you realized your life would never be the same. Echoed Heartbeats