One night … A momentary lapse in judgment and her life was changed forever…

Some would have said he’d taken advantage of her. She wasn’t sure. She only knew she’d give anything to feel again the way he’d made her feel; a realization that filled her with shame. What a cruel keeper fate was to have brought her heaven and hell all wrapped into one.

Three and a half months ago, star pitcher Ben Darvis had spent a night in heaven with his lips pressed against the same shoulder mouthed by the baby Cari now held. Seeing her with the tiny infant had thrown him a curve ball. Cari was good at that. His mind roamed back to that night, the one and only time she’d gone on the road with them, the first time he’d admitted he had feelings for the spunky twenty-something with her sandy blond ponytail and ready smile. Just thinking about her turned up the corners of his mouth. It also caused a painful pinch right behind the wall of his finely sculpted chest, especially when he allowed himself to remember the way she’d traced those planes with soft fingertips before her lips had followed suit.

Her sudden departure after that night had hurt him more than he wanted to admit. Now she was back, tossing the ball into his territory, leaving Ben Darvis to make contact or strike out.

Enjoy bonus short stories "Center Stage" and "Best Friend Rules"

Thought became difficult for Laken as she lay in the tangled wreckage watching, fascinated by the red droplets that drained the life from her body. Her impulse to run had landed her in a predicament far worse than finding out her husband had cheated on her. Again. She didn’t want to die though. She whispered those words into the air then closed her eyes as sirens sounded in the distance filling her with hope.

Someone touched her face. Laken was sure it was an angel. He promised to help her, said he’d take away the pain, told her she’d be just fine. Laken wanted to believe him though she was sure there was nothing he could do to fix the mess her life had become.

Enjoy Bonus Stories: "Life Changes" and "Talk With Me"

Get ready as the spunky, twenty-something Cari throws star pitcher Ben Darvis a curve ball when she shows up with a baby three and a half months after they’d spent a night together that Ben could only describe as heaven. Head back in time and feel the angst when Elenya first realizes what the warrior searching for her did not – that she’d been marked with the blood of her enemy and would be forced to dance forever in his arms. Hold out for that moment of hope when Laken realizes an angel has come to rescue her from a car wreck, even if she’s unsure there’s anything anyone can do to fix the mess her life has become.

Walk with an unnamed young woman whose momentary lapse in judgment has changed her life forever. Still, she’d give anything to feel again the way he’d made her feel -- a realization that fills her with shame. Listen in as executive fast tracker Emma Westcott makes the call when she decides she’s tired of being ignored by her fiancé and needs someone to talk with. Then step into the life of another Emma and find out if Dr. Sam Walsh can give her a reason to wake up from a car accident after she seems to have lost everything.

Experience their stories and more as you venture into the happily-ever-after world of Linda Boulanger’s imagination with this collection of fifteen love stories. Remember that moment when you felt his heart beat next to yours and you realized your life would never be the same. Echoed Heartbeats