Dance with the Enemy

The Land of Riandus Book 1

The answer to her people’s release from exile, a young maiden struggles to make sense of her feelings for the man she is forced to marry. She’s belonged to him since she was three, marked with his blood flowing through her veins. Yet they’d never met until the King’s warriors were released into the midst of the maidens at the yearly gathering. Each warrior was forced to find his chosen mate by her scent, resulting in a half-mad frenzy that heightened already aroused animalistic needs. The whole ordeal was terrifying, especially when the maiden realized she’d been marked with the blood of the very people who sent her family into exile—a warrior from the King’s own bloodline.

There was no denying the desire created by the marking, but it was Elenya’s heart that was in jeopardy. Fate was an evil taskmaster for forcing her to dance for a lifetime in the arms of her enemy, but could she hope that her warrior's blood flowing through her veins would be enough to unite their hearts?

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Linda Boulanger is an award-winning author of fantasy and historical romance whose interest in the Medieval era often figures into her books, though you may also find time travel, dragons, angels, fairies, and other mystical beings mixed into her stories. Having grown up in the magical land of Alaska, her imagination was her refuge when winter days got too cold, or she needed to hide away from overly large mosquitos in the summer. It was during those days that the storyteller was born, though it would take many years, and several hat changes, before she realized the voices in her head were characters screaming for their stories to be written.
When not traipsing into imaginary lands or designing book covers, Linda can be found spending time with her family in NE Oklahoma’s Green Country.